Have you been banned?

If you have been falsely punished or would like to receive a pardon for breaking a rule, you are free to make a Ban Appeal here.

  • Whether or not you agree you broke a rule, please state why you think you were banned.
  • If you don’t think you broke any rules, be sure to explain that you were falsely punished.
  • If you did break rules, please explain why you should be pardoned.
  • Everyone gets one free pardon from which their ban will be removed. Players who are found to have been falsely punished for chat offenses such as swearing, harassment, or spamming do not use up this pardon.
  • If you did break a rule and your ban time is less than 3 days, do not ask for a pardon.
  • If you use up your pardon, future ban appeals will only be accepted if you are falsely punished.
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