Lost Notes 1 (Is the journal book with one page in it)
(All the pages are ripped out except for one)
The King asked me for something... Quite ridiculous. Let me put it in his exact wording: "I would like to aquire a potion that will make someone invincible." I tried to tell him that it was impossible to do that, but he got angry and told me to figure out a way. I thought I came here to make potions that would benefit the guards. Not for the King to become immortal.

Lost Notes 14
I got it. I decided to leave it outside so it doesn't have to burn down the entire kingdom. The next thing on my list is going to be a challenge. While doing my research for Mineful Mines , I stumbled upon a mystical place which might have what I'm looking for. I can't just walk there they are floating over the void.

Lost Notes 20
I finally found it. I collected just one of them. I don't plan on making another one of these potions. Well I have to head back to the kingdom, I just need one more ingredient.

(p.s I'm sorry I couldn't send screenshots. I found these and wrote them down on a piece of paper a couple years ago.)