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I would have liked a better place to write this guide but I haven't found one so I'll write it here.

Welcome to my murder guide, if you want to learn how to play the game, or you want to improve at this game, then you've come to the right place !

I don't pretend to be the best player (ok I sometimes do, but I won't in this guide because it looks cooler to be modest), but I've played a lot and have some tips to share.
There might be things that could be improved or added, so feedback will be interesting.

Oh and excuse my English mistakes, I'm French (best excuse ever)

Summary :

- Getting started
- Basic strategy
- Advanced strategy (mechanics and stuff)
- Glitch
- The type of players you can meet

Getting started :

The game is confronting two sides. The first one is the innocent, the second one is the murderer.
The innocent has to find the murderer and kill him, then the innocent win.
The murderer has to kill every innocents and then the murderer wins.

To kill the murderer, the innocent must use a gun. In every game, there will be one murderer, one gunner and everybody else will be innocent.

The gunner has a gun in his second inventory slot, and you have to right click to shoot a bullet. It will shoot and kill in one shot who you're aiming at with no delay, expect the lag. There is a delay before you can shoot again (like one second).

Any innocent can craft a gun by collecting 10 scraps. Scraps are randomly (more or less) appearing on the map.

If a gunner is killed, he will drop his gun. If a gunner kills an innocent, he will drop his gun and be in a temporary state that will slow down his speed and he won't be able to pick up his or another one's gun any more.

The murderer can run, the innocent can't (see glitch section for more information)

The murderer has 5 items :

- The knife :

This item is needed to kill innocents, you can left click to stab within your range or you can right click to throw your knife to kill an innocent in a wider range (takes practice).
If you lose your knife and can't take it back, you can wait for like 10 seconds and right click to get your last knife with some thunder noise, don't lose it because it's you can't summon another knife.

- The compass (used when equipped):

It's an item that points at the nearest innocent and it's filled in with green/yellow/red if there is a gunner near.
The closer the more it's yellow/red.

- The adrenaline (right click to use):

It's another item that makes you go very fast for like 3 seconds, very useful when you wanna rush the gunner for example (you can also left click and inject the adrenaline into an innocent to make him run)

- The teleporter (right click to use):

An item that teleports every innocent to a random place.

Ok now that you know how the game works, how about we talk about basic strategy?

Basic Strategy

So now we'll see how we can play the different roles and be at an advantage to win the game. The hardest role to play is the murderer, but because innocents aren't playing as well as they could, it's not as hard as it should be.

Let's take a look at the role you'll play the most,

Just innocent :

Now that you're seeing "Innocent" you're thinking "oh no! I'm just an innocent, the useless guy" and you're wrong!
67% to 80% of the players in a match are innocents, and they are the key to winning as innocents.
The things innocents should focus on doing are, in order :

- Being safe

Well that's straightforward, but that means don't run into other players, if they're gunner they could shoot you and if they're murderer well you're helping them. Oh and if you thought about grouping so you can team up and all, that's a bad strategy because you'll just end up being killed together. Being far away makes the murderer lose his time.
So try to find a nice spot, then you can focus on the next objectives :

- Stalking players

What I mean is not following a particular player, but look around you and see how the players are acting. Is someone running at an innocent with a knife? Well you just found the murderer! Now you should find a safe place first if there is one and then say his name in the chat. You only have to know where murderer is, so you can choose the best path to take. And try to look at names through walls and stuff so you won't be surprised.

Now that you're safe and aware of the other players, you can finally do what you like to do :

Finding scraps

Here, while looking around you, you might have noticed some attractive scraps, you have to make a decision :
Is it worth going for that scrap? Same goes with a gun you noticed on the ground, can you get it before murderer kills you?

Now there are places that are safer than others : high places are usually very good, because you can be safe if alone, you can stalk a lot of players and if murderer wanna come up he wont be able to do it fast enough so you will be able to jump and go away before he comes.
High places are good places for every role, because you have the choice between staying up there and jumping down.

Gunner :

You are the gunner! This is a very important role, you are the reason why murderer cannot kill as he wished
As a general tip, don't show your gun. Yes you're happy you're gunner but don't do it, it will only cause problems like :
- Murderer knows you're gunner and kills you first
- Innocent is so happy (it's the first time he sees a gun in his life, understand him) that he follows you everywhere you go and when murderer comes you shoot your follower by accident "oh rip" you say and then "Murderer wins" says the chat

So now, what should you focus on? Well almost like innocent's goals, but you don't have to look for scraps/gun

Just sit on a safe place and look at everyone. To shoot someone, try to aim at where you think they will go, because there's a small delay. Random shooting is obviously bad, because you'll lose the gun and you'll be likely to lose the game as well. Shooting someone who's coming dangerously to you can be ok, but I personally prefer not to because I've been shooting too many innocents that way.

Now let's talk about the deadliest role :

Murderer :

Most of the time, when you're murderer, you will have to kill as fast as possible, because if you don't, everybody will get a gun and you'll be pretty much dead. There is also a time limit, but it should be fine if you're killing fast enough.
Being a sneaky murderer isn't rewarding unfortunately, so don't lose your time and look around you for your first victim.

Your first priority is the gunner. If you can see him, go ahead and kill him. You can use your compass if nobody can see you, or they already know you're murderer. If gunner is higher than you, try to throw your knife.

When you're killing people in front of other people, never stop running, because gunner might shoot at you. Don't stop to look at him, continue running while looking at him. You can use the teleporter if gunner is shooting at you. Using the adrenaline to dodge or to try to kill the gunner is good too.

If you've killed the gunner, don't forget where the gun has been dropped, because innocents could try to take it. And if gunner is dead early, you can go insane, nobody has a gun yet.

If you want to dodge a bullet, let's say the gunner is in front of you, jump left or right while running, if you're only running forward you will be an easy predictible target.

By killing people fast you will be easily noticed and gunner can kill you, but it's still better than being 1 vs 3 gunners because you were too slow.

You need to move your camera very fast to have a look at everyone around

Look at your compass without holding it to know where is the nearest innocent, an innocent might be sneaking near you.

Advanced strategy

This section will mostly concern murderer and gunner, to see how you can maximize your advantage.
You can refer to the glitches section and the players section which also give strong advantages.

Tab menu :

But first let's talk about tab's menu. It's a very strong tool that shows you who is still alive and their name.
Let's say someone died and you can see someone near you, you can deduce he's not murderer. By doing that multiple times, you could deduce
who murderer is without even having seen it. Knowing types of players (slow or fast), if everybody's dying fast you can also have a good idea of who it can be.
Same goes for a slow killer.

Gunner tips :

Now let's begin with gunner, there are two things you need to train as gunner : aiming at a target, which is acquired with experience, and movement prediction, which is the hardest part.

If you're against an easy target who's not trying to dodge, the prediction should be simple, just shoot where he's going. But if you're against a tough opponent, who's constantly dodging, you need to find a pattern he is using, which is harder.

Also if your opponent can throw well you have to move a lot while shooting, so you also need to know how to shoot while moving. Don't stand still unless you're far away and then you got a great advantage.

Kiting as gunner :

After shooting a bullet, always act like you have missed your target, I mean continue to run away, or try to dodge if murderer is close. Knowing the delay between two shots is also helpful because you will know when you can fire again and turn around to do it.
Always think about a run away path, you also need to know the maps for that

But now if you're against a murderer who's good at throwing, you need to be constantly moving to dodge because you don't have enough time to react to a knife throw

Path prediction :

There are some paths murderer is almost forced to use, or just better paths. For example, a door. The murderer must open the door and then enter, but he can only do it one way, if gunner shoots the door at the same time murderer cannot dodge.
This is a good way to shoot a bullet if murderer isn't wary, but if he is he can bait the shot and then enter.
So it's a good trap to make but without a backup plan it is too risky. It will work against most players though.
Other examples are a very tight path (one block large), a pressure plate the murderer has to walk on (very effective), a ladder he has to climb, a knife to pick up (it's not forced, but effective as well).

Not even fearing death :

Now if murderer is close to you, you missed a shot, and he wants to stab you and you were running away, there's one thing you can do to surprise him, it's going forward and left/right. He won't expect it, so he could be trying to murder the position he thought you were going to, and then you can use the time you gained to fire a new shot.
You have to aim very hard to your right (in case you went left) and shoot, it will hardly work two times in a row though

If murderer throws a knife to you but misses, if he's far enough, go forward. He will have to take his knife back or summon his second knife, but most likely he'll go for his knife. If the knife landed on a high place it's even better, he will have to climb before going after you again.
He could let his knife there to follow you and wait for his knife cooldown, but he would lose one knife,
and he will lose time anyway

A good thing to do is climbing ladders backward, so you can still see what's going on

Murderer hasn't said his last words :

Now the tricks you can use against murderer aren't uncounterable :

For the pressure plate, the murderer can bait your shot and then during reload time step on it, same goes for door and tight path. There are some tight and long paths which are uncounterable though, like the big ladder on floating island. When you throw your knife on the gunner but miss, some gunners will try to aim at that knife, knowing you're going for it, so you have to bait the shot then pick it up, or pick it up by almost touching it.
Teleporting after missing a knife throw on the gunner is also a good idea, unless you're confident in your dodging skills and mad enough to risk it

What I like to do as a start is stabbing a person next to me and then throwing my knife on another one, fast enough that they will hardly react.
Then teleport if gunner starts shooting me

Pathing :

As an innocent, you have to look around and have a quick decision making. Let's say there are innocents next to you, you should split to avoid being killed together
You need to predict where everybody's going, and take a path accordingly. For example if you are on colour canyon, being chased by murderer behind you and
there's an innocent/gunner in front of you, then jump down and go the other way. By doing that you are forcing the murderer jump down to kill you, or to ignore you and go for
that innocent/gunner. So instead of two victims, one is being saved.
Unless there are other players down there, jumping down before dying makes the murderer lose a lot of time if he has to climb back to kill the innocents left.
This time can be used by the innocents to make guns.

Murderer's path :

As murderer, your ideal killing path should be from top to bottom, because going from bottom to top takes more time. Of course it won't always be like that,
the gunner is always the top priority even if he's below, because if you don't kill him first he can reposition himself in a better spot.

Obvious tips :

As a general tip, you should avoid water especially as gunner or murderer, first because you're not a fish and second because you're an easy target
that cannot dodge while swimming. Oh and lava is dangerous, just saying (hello ThatCB).

Pressure plates are pretty cool for escaping the murderer, and you can even troll him with them.
Lots of innocents have noticed it and abuse it because it is fun!


Here I will talk about the glitches I noticed :

The innocent run glitch :

It's one of the best glitches I know, which gives you the running speed as an innocent, without pressing the run key.
The only limit is that you can't jump as far as you should, so try to only jump if needed, because it will slow you down.

Murderer can still be faster than you by running and jumping, but you have the same speed in the stairs, and when climbing so abuse that.
With this glitch you can escape unexperienced murderer really well, by taking a faster path than them.

To produce this glitch, shoot an innocent (at the end of the game preferably), and don't use sneak or run buttons during lobby time.
You should have this glitch, but it will be canceled if you sneak or run.

It is also produced randomly when the map is loading.

When you have this glitch, you should almost never sneak, unless you have a really good reason to do so

Instead, if you don't have the glitch, you should be sneaking a lot when you're not moving or if murderer is near.

The crouch running player(to be completed) :

I know people who are not hacking who got this glitch (hello queen! xD ), but I don't know how it is produced.
So what happens is the player is sneaking, but running as well, so murderer cannot be seen through blocks.
It is a very powerful glitch for murderer/innocent, but I don't know much about it, because I haven't experienced it myself.

Some other random less important glitches :

You can use a damaging object that doesn't kill you (like fire, cactus) and jump at the right time to produce a hit that will give you a double jump, it can be used to access
some areas. It is hard to do because it depends on the connection and you have to know the right timing. It's not very useful either.

The connection lags can cause other glitched, such as glitched doors, glitched pressure plates. It's because the player is still playing but the server didn't respond yet, so
instead of freezing, the player continues to walk and then the server says for example "pressure plate has been activated" and then the players is finally getting
the pressure plate effect, but in another place. A door can be open for the player, but not for the server, causing rollbacks when you pass through it.
You can experience those glitches as a ghost (but not the pressure plate one)

The punching ghost :

I know it's not a glitch, but you can punch people while being dead. So you can use a punching code.
The informations you can give are : direction and number of punches.

What I like to do is punching as many times as the murderer's position in the tab menu. Let's say he's third, I punch three times.

You can punch to say be careful, or to say go there, or don't go there

Here is a punch code example :
1 punch : go there
2 punches : don't go there
3 punches : gun is there
4 punches : murderer is near
spam punches : I'm angryyyyy!

When dealing with a question :
One punch = yes
Two punches = no

Oh and there are really good secrets on the maps that can give you an advantage, but I won't talk about it in this guide.
I let you discover them by yourself :)

The types of players you can meet

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster"
I put the players in some category, they can stick to one, several or none of them.
It's not as simple as I made it.

Here are the type of players I have noticed from my experience playing murder :

The carefree innocent :

He is going where he wants, he's got a path he will follow no matter what, maybe we didn't tell him there was a murderer?

there are a lot of carefree innocents, and thanks to them it is easier to deduce who the gunner is when we are murderer, because he is the only one scared and looking around.
Of course I'm not saying it's always true, but it is true enough times to be interesting to note.
I have noticed murderer is also looking around more than the average innocent.

The gunlover innocent :

There are people who love dogs, there are who love guns. Those players are the latter.
I have observed a lot of gunlover innocents, when they see a gun, they are following it everywhere, maybe are they possessed?

Of course this information can be interesting, because if you can see someone who's being followed by two or more soulless innocents, chances are the one leading is the gunner.

The not easy to kill innocent :

This guy, you should kill him as early as possible, because the later you will, the more likely he will be to have a gun and make your murderer life's miserable.
If he got the glitch he's even more annoying and is almost as important to kill as the gunner,
assuming the gunner is a random player.
His surviving skill is higher than average, he is dangerous!

The watcher :

This player is a camera recording the game, and typing who's murderer very fast
It's a pretty cool player to have in the game, spotting the murderer is nice.
This player is sneaking on a high spot and doesn't move a lot, so you can easily throw your knife
to disable the camera

The camera can have a gun, and becomes then a dangerous automatic machine gun.
So you need to dodge the bullets while getting closer and then throw your knife.

The hide and seek player :

This guy isn't playing the same game we do, he thought it was a hide and seek game!
But he's pretty good at it, and can win alone if you don't know every maps.
Thanks to him you will learn new hiding spots, he's an interesting player.
You should go for him only before you killed everybody else because he's not dangerous.
I also go for the afk players last as well.

The merciless killer :

Against this player, it will be hard to win by yourself. You will be killed very fast so you have to make
no mistake, if you want to live. There aren't many merciless killers, but they are way better than the silent killers.

You will know the murderer is a merciless killer if everybody is disappearing from the tab menu.
Then you know that it will be a hard game. A merciless killer will be easily spotted,
so if you're not the first being killed, and you are far away, you should adjust to his killing path.
Look at the names around the murderer and try to predict what will be his path, and try to time your path.
The first thing you should do is going out of visible range and gather some scraps in your safe zone.
Having the glitch will make things easier.
When you think the murderer should have killed them by now, you need to take the sight information to know which path is best.
Advance just in sight range to see where killer is heading then make a decision again.
Safety first, scraps last, unless you can make a gun and you think it's worth taking the risk

The silent killer :

This type of player only kills if nobody's near, giving him an illusion of not being seen,
but this murderer isn't able to kill in front of everyone unless he's spotted, and even in some cases
he won't do it and try to prove innocent (which is kinda useless imo)

There are enough silent killers to justify running away from someone who didn't kill you earlier,
but the ones who didn't kill you are still more likely to be innocents.

It will be easier to play against this murderer because you will die less.

Now we'll talk about unfair players that are making the game annoying.

The hacker :

This player is annoying everyone in the game, and should be reported with the command /report name
You can see someone is hacking if he is flying or speed hacking (don't confuse it with adrenaline)
Another solution is to shoot whoever is hacking so he doesn't play anymore,
that's what I'm constantly doing, not even trying to kill murderer.
Against a murderer hacker, if you have the gun, the strategy will be different because he can fly,
so go in a house or a cave to limit hacker's mobility but you will only have
one shot, if you miss you die. The house is the best place to wait for the killer, because you can shoot at the door.

Now if you're the murderer, you need to kill the hacker first if you can, if he's out of map, well rip.
If the hacker isn't part of your first victims, and it ends in 1v1, unless he's doing some stupid mistakes (which fortunally they can do) you can't win.

The teamers:

Most of the time, they are only 2, which is convenient. I prefer teamers over hackers obviously,
but they can be annoying if you didn't know they were teaming.
If you see murderer not killing an innocent next to him, chances are they are teaming.
So now you have to be aware of both players, if he got a gun you need to dodge his shots
and take cover, then try a more aggressive strategy because camping won't be as effective
in this particular case.
Teamers are usually bad players, so it's possible to win against them

Now if they're both innocents, there's nothing to worry about, because the innocents are teaming anyway.

Thank you for reading this very long guide, most of the subjects I'm talking about are from my experience
You can contribute if there are things you want to add or complement.
If you read this in one go I owe you a cookie.

Be fair play and respect the rules so everyone can appreciate the game.

See you in murder, and have a nice and sweet murdering day.
Posted May 28, 17 · OP · Last edited Jun 14, 17
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Cookie please :) Great job putting this together!! I am asked sometimes by new players, tips or directions :) You are a great player so I recommend this guide to all :d Good Job Sora!!!
Posted May 28, 17
Server Moderator

Loving it! That's by far the most advanced and complete guide there's ever been on these forums.
It's rather long though, so if you have some time, I suggest you illustrate your examples with pictures, to make it more enjoyable to read.
It also lacks a few map strategies, as in, how should you behave as each role on each map.

There is only one part I strongly disagree with, and it's the murderer part. Being a silent murderer is way too underrated. It's much more efficient than you could think. It obviously depends on the map, but it is a good strategy. You'll often have to adapt it and switch to a rushing strategy once you've taken down most of the innocents, but it allows you to lower the number of potential opponents you face.
And even if it's easy to rush and murder everyone, as most players don't even pay attention to the game, I find the discreet way more challenging and interesting to play.

But it's a really nice guide, thanks for all the effort you put into it!
Posted May 28, 17
So, I read it all in one go so I'd like a cookie please and thanks. And I think guide is pretty good! Although, I do prefer "The merciless killer" strategy, the silent murder strategy is a decent one too. ALSO, I could never figure out how to get the sprint glitch. I usually do shoot people at the end and that's how I get it, but I never could figure out how to do it myself. So thank you for that! Overall a well in depth and great guide!
Posted Jan 3, 19
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Hey I founded a stupid things but the ghost can block the knife! If the murder is trowing is knife and there is a ghost between the murderer and the target, the knife will be block by the ghost. I founded that glitch when I was ghost and a murderer wanted to kill itself by trowing the knife upwards.
Posted Mar 7, 19 · Last edited Mar 7, 19
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