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Kryptonymous - Harassment

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IGN: Kryptonymous
My IGN: creativiteaa

I'm not quite sure if this would be harassment, if it's against the rules, or what. Basically, this guy was being a general bad person and very salty. When a murderer wins, they would often say things like "so stupid" or "that was so stupid", "finally. that was so dumb" (Usually only if they died). If further prompted, they would throw out random insults like "you are just a dumb kid" "why do you think you are better than anybody else" etc. even though the person is just playing the game and well, being a murderer.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to screenshot the original main conversation until later when it was too late. It went something like this:
*I win as murderer*
Krypto: finally that was so stupid
Me: I played the game and did my role as murderer??? ahahahahah so stupid
K: shut up you're just a kid who thinks their better than everyone else
Me: ok nice
K: you are so dumb
Me: lmao
K: jfc shut up kid
K: how about you play the game [instead of arguing]
K: dumb kid
(a few seconds later)
K: lmao i love it when people dont respond
Me: So you want me to not talk but then you point out me not talking in a negative way?
Me: Make up your mind please
That was pretty much the end of the main conversation,
then for a while anytime he lost he would continue with unrelated remarks
and anytime somebody pointed out how he was acting, he would resort to cheap and silly insults that don't even relate to the situation. "You are a joke" "shut up" "you are just a lonely kid" "you are so immature" etc.
Finally, he became the murderer for a game and lost which caused him to immediately leave

He was also very hypocritical at times

BaddyCho was there for it all but they do not have a forums account

Thanks for reading! Please tell me if there are any problems with the report, and I will fix them
Posted Dec 26, 18 · OP
Server Moderator
Reports Moderator
Thank you for the report, creativiteaa! However, the screenshots provided do not show anything that would be considered harassment. Not only are the comments fairly mild, they're also not directed at any of the other players. The player has not received a punishment. Locking thread.
Posted Feb 10, 19 · Last edited Feb 10, 19

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