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Speed Glitch When Sprinting (Speed is the same/near the same as a speed mod from a client)

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Before i talk about the glitch i wanted to say that i did not know that if you found a bug you reported it and did not know to report it here. I was in a match with a friend and i was one of the last players then i used this glitch to win and was called out for hacking. The glitch is when you jump,goback a little,sprint, and you go pretty fast, i do not know if this is on certain maps or what but i have used this glitch on only two maps yet multiple times. I do not know if i will be banned from the server for "abusing" this glitch to win.
Posted Dec 27, 18 · OP
Hello, I'm grateful to have you with us, that little flaw, it's not the server, it's just a world-changing bug, the moment you're running endlessly in the (Lobby) After the exchange of worlds you drop the ' CRTL '' which in the case would be the sprint, you will be running faster, this is normal, no report was made that this kind of thing can ban, this happens with several players even without them knowing the correct scheme, more I'm grateful to want to help our team.

Posted Feb 4, 19

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