Hello, I would like to know what is happening with the server team ?, It has almost 2 months that no one responds to reports, this is kind of lacking respect, players wasting time recording, editing, posting, for no response , so it is complicated for players to help the server, moderators have not responded since November 2, 18, this is kind of annoying, I wanted the team to give a position of what is happening, I think it is a bad thing because it seems like the team is closed, they give no chance for almost anyone to participate ... what I always wonder is ... the player stays all day in the servirdor, does everything to be promoted to patrol or mod, and when you receive the position, simply do not enter anymore ...
I really only complain about this because after so many reports the server starts to suffer with several hacks coming in, so it's a small way you're saying it, so that's it, thanks by: BRIGHTLIGHTSSS or MichelBinz