A gamemode of deception and murder based off Garry's Mod Murder.
One person is a murderer with a knife, who is trying to secretly kill off the other players. The other players must use their wits to find out who it is and kill them first. Unfortunately they only have the one gun between them.

The Innocent
As an innocent, your goal is to find and kill the murderer. If the murderer dies, the innocent win. One lucky innocent spawns with a gun, and the other innocent may collect scraps to craft a gun of their own. 

The Murderer
As the murderer, your goal is to kill all the innocent. If you die, they win. Using your knife and your tools, you must kill everyone. Your most valuable tools are stealth and deception; raw strength is rarely enough!

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Murder V3 (1.8) Public Alpha - NOW

By Vapid a - Posted Oct 29, 14
The Alpha for the upcoming update will soon be released for the public. This means that anyone can join!

You'll be able to join the server on Friday at 6 PM GMT+1.
The server is live now! Come join :D

A few things users should be aware of before playing on the V3 Alpha server
  • The server will be compatible with both 1.7 and 1.8 clients
  • There are tons of missing features in the Alpha that will be present in the actual update
  • The server will be restarted a lot. I will constantly be fixing bugs and adding new things
  • The server might crash, and it might be down for hours
  • You are allowed to record or stream, if you clearly state it's a development version

Connect using this IP in either Minecraft 1.7 or 1.8 :)

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